Standard support

With a purchase of this template, you get a lifetime standard email support.

Various layouts

Most of our templates are available in multi-page and single-page variants.

Copyright-free photos

All photos that come with a template are completely copyright-free.

Always up to date

All templates we build are always kept up to date with regular updates and bug fixes.

Optimized for mobile

This template was built using Blocs app, meaning that it looks great on any device.

Free life-time updates

When we will update this template, you will get an updated version for free.

What’s included

Three types of files

When you purchase a template, you get an archive with Blocs project file, HTML files, a separate folder with copyright-free stock photos, and Blocs Page Template files (.bex, coming soon).

Lifetime Premium Membership

Join the premium membership and download all existing and future templates with one-time simple payment


Blocs Templates Premium Members get:

   Access to all templates

   Lifetime updates for all templates

   Request video tutorials

   Suggest the future templates

   Instant saving of over $300

   Access to all future templates

   Lifetime priority support

   Newsletter with gifts and coupons

   Over 800 copyright-free photos

   Discount for Blocs Master course

All existing templates

Get access to every single template available on our site.

All future templates

Get access to every single template we release in the future.

All exclusive templates

Get access to exclusive premium-only templates.

Lifetime priority support

Our members are provided with a lifetime priority support.

Lifetime updates

Get the free updates and bug fixes for all of our templates.

Free stock photos

Our members get access to over 800 copyright-free photos.

General Questions

What is Blocs?

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create beautiful and modern websites without the need to write code.

Why do I need a template?

By using the template, you save a lot of time and energy structuring your website, choosing the right fonts, colors, and other elements of your site.

Can I edit the template with other software?

Yes. In additon to Blocs project file, we also provide the HTML template files, which you can easily edit in a HTML editor of your choice.

Can you teach me how to use Blocs?

Yes. Just visit Blocs Master website to get access to a number of video courses, designed to help you to master Blocs.

Can you design a website for me?

At the moment, we do not provide web design services. We highly recommend to check out the ConSync Digital for any design needs you might have.

Is this website built with Blocs?

Yes, our website was built using only Blocs. 

Purchase Related Questions

What do I get with a purchase?

When you purchase any of our templates, you get a zip archive containing the Blocs project file, a folder with HTML files and a folder with copyright-free stock photos you can use on your site.

How do I purchase a template?

After you choose the template you like, click on the ‘Purchase’ button and make a simple payment using your credit card or PayPal account. All the transactions are done via Gumroad and highly encrypted.

Can I get a refund?

In case you have made a purchase by mistake, we are happy to refund you the full amount. In some cases, you can be charged only for a transaction fee.

Can I get a discount on Premium Membership?

If you have already bought some of our templates, but now want to upgrade to Lifetime Membership, you can send us an email to and we will provide the discount for the amount you have already spent on purchasing of the templates.

How to get EU VAT refund.

All prices excluding EU VAT. Visit here to learn how to get VAT refund.

A series of video courses designed to help you master your web design skills with Blocs

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