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Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Winter Template

Blocs 3

Nikola Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Designer Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Resume Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Music Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Event Template

Blocs 3

Macintosh Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Anastasia Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Creativity Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Hospital Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Wedding Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Apartment Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Personality Template

Blocs 3

Agency Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Producer Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Corporate Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Fitness Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Passion Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Commerce Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Inspiration Template

Blocs 3 + Blocs 2

Restaurant Template

Blocs 2

Application Template

Blocs 2

Company Template

Blocs 2

Enterprise Template

Blocs 2

Flower Template

Blocs 2

Lawyer Template

Blocs 2

Photograph Template

Blocs 2

Photograph Vertical

Blocs 2

Product Template

Blocs 2

Service Template

Blocs 2

Anticipation Template

Important Note about Blocs 3 Support

As you might have heard, we are rebuilding all Blocs 2 templates to make it work perfectly with Blocs 3. In the meantime, you can use Blocs 2 templates in Blocs 3, but you will need to go through the automatic migration process. Keep in mind, that some parts of migrated template might not look exactly same as in Blocs 2.

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Check some of the most popular questions we get.

What is Blocs?

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create beautiful and modern websites without the need to write code. You can purchase it here.

Can I edit these templates with other software?

Yes. In additon to Blocs project files, we also provide the HTML template files, which you can easily edit in a HTML editor of your choice.

The difference between .BLOC vs .BEX files

Blocs 2.4 comes with a new feature called Page Templates (.BEX files), which is a cool way to copy and paste the designs from one Blocs project to another. Keep in mind that Page Templates feature only supports one page at a time, and you don’t actually need it to use our templates. All of our templates come with standard .BLOC files, which are the regular project files.

Adding pages to Page Templates Library in Blocs

There are two ways to add a page template to the Template Library in Blocs. For .BEX files, just click on file and it will be added. For .BLOC files, click on the file to open the project in Blocs, navigate to any page, and add the page to Template Library by selecting the 'Page' -> 'Add to Template Library'.

Can I use Blocs 2 template with Blocs 3?

Yes, absolutely. Blocs 2 templates work fine with Blocs 3. All you need to do is to open the template in Blocs 3 and go through an automatic migration process, which will convert your Blocs 2 template to Blocs 3 template.

Can you teach me Blocs?

Yes, we have created the separate project designed to help you master your web design skills with Blocs. It is called Blocs Master  and you can visit this page to learn more about it.

What do I get with a purchase?

When you purchase any of our templates, you get a zip archive containing the Blocs project file, BEX Page Template files (not always), a folder with HTML files and a folder with copyright-free stock photos you can use on your site.

Can I get a refund?

In case you have made a purchase by mistake, we are happy to refund you the full amount. In some cases, you can be charged only for a transaction fee.

Can I upgrade to Lifetime Membership?

ven if you have signed up for ‘1 Year Access’ membership, you can always upgrade to ‘Lifetime Access’, as long as you do it while your ‘1 Year Access’ membership is active.

I purchased one template, can I upgrade to All Access?

Yes. Send us an email to gezalov@me.com with information about your purchase, and we will provide you a specific discount for the amount you have already paid. 

Accessing the courses and templates?

If you have purchased the Templates + Courses package, you will receive an email with login credentials for your personal account, where you will be able to access all templates and all courses, including all of the future updates we will share with you for free. Keep in mind that it might take up to 24 hours for email to arrive, because we have to manually confirm your payment.

Can I get a VAT refund?

If your business have a VAT number, you can inpurt it during the checkout. To learn more about the VAT refund, visit this page.