Investor Template


Learn how to get the best out of the Investor Template for Blocs 5.

General Guidelines

I will show everything in the video overview section of this guideline document, but if you prefer the written guidelines, continue to read below.

Duplication Tip

When adding the new content, try to use the Duplication feature as much as possible. Just select the element (bloc, bric, or anything), and press COMMAND and D keys.

Mobile Optimization

Every single bloc of this template has been optimized to look great on all four breakpoints (LG, MD, SM, and XS). If you are adding the new blocs, keep in mind that you will have to optimize the style for all breakpoints. Once again, I highly recommend to utilize the duplication feature to preserve my optimizations.

Animation Settings

This template is using a lot of animation. If you are not a big fan of animation, you can disable it by selecting the element in question and disabling either the Scroll FX or Animation (Appear on Screen - Style).

Reviews Section

Carousel is not looking good on mobile, no matter how you look at it. So, I prefer to replace the carousel with a different design for mobile (XS) breakpoint. When adding the reviews, or editing the existing ones, make sure to edit both carousel, and the regural reviews section below the carousel (which is only visible on XS breakpoint).

Team Member Image

When adding the images for team members, crop the images to be the square aspect ratio (1:1), and keep the size to something like 500x500px max.

Partners Section Logos

When adding the logos of the partners to the Partners section on about page, make sure to crop the logos to the same size (200x100px), and if possible, use the PNG format with transparent background.

Pricing Page Tips

The pricing tiers and table on the pricing page are sized perfectly for all breakpoints. When chagning the text inside the table and tiers, try to keep the lengh of the text elements similar for the best visual results.

Video Overview

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